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1st Wolfville/surrounding areas registration

1st Wolfville Scout Group

1st Wolfville Scouts has commenced operations for 2019-2020.

We offer a fun and challenging programs for all youth (boys and girls) aged 5-14 years of age.

Scouting helps develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.
-Beaver Scouts -Age 5-7 - Masons Lodge in Wolfville Thursday at 6pm
-Cub Scouts - Age 8-10 Wolfville elementary Thursday at 6:30 pm
-Scouts -Age 11-14 Wolfville Baptist Church Basement Monday at 6:30 pm
-Venturer Scouts - Aged 15-17 Interested? go on line at to learn more.

Scouting is a fun and challenging program that helps youth gain confidence and understanding of the world around them. The program provides progressive learning challenges so the learning is fun, but never stops. Through Scouting youth develop the fundamental skills required to succeed in life, learn to give back to society, friends and family. We incorporate the outdoors and the environment and demonstrate health lifestyles throughout our program.

Scouts is fully inclusive and open to all youth and volunteers.
Scouts is the start of something great - it starts with Scouts!

For more information, go to and hit Join or drop by and try out a meeting.

No one left behind: This is a confidential financial assistance program which helps families enjoy Scouting programs when faced with financial hardships.

Come join the fun! It starts with Scouts
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