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Welcome to New Minas - A Good Place to Live!

New Minas is a thriving village, home to over 4000 residents located in the Annapolis Valley between Kentville and Wolfville. The Village was incorporated on September 1, 1968 under the administration of an elected village commission; the form of government that continues to govern to this day.

The Village is a good place to live, a great place to work, and offers a number of places to play and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the Annapolis Valley. We take pride in our parks located throughout New Minas and we are equally proud of our ever expanding business community. For businesses thinking about locating in our Village, New Minas is a perfect choice as the ‘Shopping Centre of the Valley’ attracts visitors from near & far.

If you are thinking about visiting or living in the Village of New Minas, we are confident that you will find our hospitality, our service, and our residents welcoming and happy to have you!


Presenting our new website!

We are pleased to present the new Village website. The sleek new design not only provides for a much better browsing experience for everyone on every device, it makes important and timely information much easier to find. Critical things like Important News, Notices and Commission meetings will live on the front page and are only 1-click away.

Our new Community Calendar tool lists Village meetings and recreation offerings, and community events as well. If your local group is hosting something that the general public is invited to - add it to our calendar in less than a minute, so everyone in the community will know. We are also utilizing a new subscriber system to manage how you receive information from the Village. If you have not already - please take a moment to add your name and email address to the Village Newsletter tool on the right.

Commission Meetings

Sorry, there are no events on the current calendar

Community Events

$2 Drop in Badminton
11 Dec 2018   07:00PM
Walk and Stroll
12 Dec 2018   07:00AM
Zumba $4 Drop in
12 Dec 2018   06:00PM
$6 Drop in Yoga
12 Dec 2018   06:30PM
$2 Drop in Pickleball
12 Dec 2018   07:00PM
Walk and Stroll
13 Dec 2018   07:00AM
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Village Newsletter

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